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King Kool Plunge

King Kool Plunge

King Kool Plunge

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Dive into the realm of rejuvenation with the King Kool Plunge. Expertly crafted for unparalleled comfort and performance, each plunge is designed to provide the ultimate cold immersion experience. Made with precision and high-quality materials, our plunges are an embodiment of luxury and wellness. Whether you're seeking recovery, relaxation, or invigoration, King Kool Plunge is your sanctuary. Free Shipping Available On All Orders.

Model is 5'9"

*Financing & Installment Payment Options Available. Delivery Time Range: 4-6 weeks.

Standard Specs


  • 80"L x 27"W

Water Capacity:

  • 90 gal (average fill)
  • 110 gal (maximum fill at overflow)

Reservoir Specs:

  • Length: 58.25" at overflow / 43" at bottom of reservoir
  • Width: 23" at overflow / 16" at bottom of reservoir
  • Depth at overflow: 24"

Large Specs


  • 85"L x 38.5"W

Water Capacity:

  • 95 gal (average fill)
  • 140 gal (maximum fill at overflow)

Reservoir Specs:

  • Length: 64" at overflow / 44" at bottom of reservoir
  • Width: 31.5" at overflow / 21" at bottom of reservoir
  • Depth at overflow: 18.5"

XL Specs


  • 85"L x 38.5"W

Water Capacity:

  • 125 gal (average fill)
  • 175 gal (maximum fill at overflow)

Reservoir Specs:

  • Length: 64" at overflow / 45" at bottom of reservoir
  • Width: 35" at overflow / 28" at bottom of reservoir
  • Depth at overflow: 18.5"
Spa Acrylic Reservoir Color
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How easy is the setup on a King Kool Plunge?

  • Find the best spot to set up your plunge- somewhere flat and close to an electrical outlet is best.
  • Fill up your plunge, using the integrated hose connection, to about 2/3 full.
  • Plug in your plunge, turn on the chiller, and set the desired water temperature (39-41 F is recommended).
  • Get into your plunge to test the water height with you in it. Add or drain water if necessary.
  • Wait for the water temperature to drop and take your first plunge!
  • Pro tip- If you want to give your plunge a little kickstart, throw a few bags of ice into the water and your chiller will do the rest!

How cold does the King Kool Plunge get?

Your plunge can get down to 39 degrees! The perfect plunge temperature.

How often does the water need to be changed?

Not very often! Our top-of-the-line Ozone, pump filter, and inline filter keep your water clear, clean, and ready for daily use. We recommend changing the water whenever you feel the need: if it gets murky, if it smells weird, or if you feel you need a fresh reset. At a minimum, we recommend draining and refilling your plunge once every 3 months, regardless of usage.

Is the King Kool Plunge safe?

We designed and built the plunge to keep all your components covered and protected from weathering, as well as potential water splash from the reservoir. This design allows you to keep it plugged in and running as long as you'd like (including 24/7- 365!). Many other models of plunges may have their electrical components on the outside of the plunge, subjecting those electrical components to water damage, environmental hazards, and other compromising elements. We ask that you please use our tub at your own risk and away from children and pets that cannot swim.

Can I return my King Kool Plunge after it has been delivered?

Is there a possibility that my King Kool Plunge could freeze during the colder winter months?

Certainly, without being carefully maintained, there is a risk that the water within the King Kool Plunge could potentially freeze.

Do fluctuations in outdoor temperatures influence the temperature of my cold plunge?

Yes, the cold and heat of the outdoors can influence the temperature of the cold plunge water by several degrees.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Ive had my large model king kool for about 4 months now, i have to say the grab rails are a must! My family and i have nothing but good things to say about our experience with king kool

Shyrell Hopwood
Amazing Top Quality

When we saw the King Kool Plunge at our local for expo we knew it was top quality. We had been looking into Cold plunges for awhile and were not completely sold on any of them yet. We could tell in seeing form a distance at the expo and then up close, these were solid quality. W have been suing it for about 3months now and are completely satisfied.

Josh Hamilton
Worth The Investment

Very professional and fast. Support the the local guys.

Kolby Rawlings
The True King

Great service, sleek design, and comfortable to use. I’ve been extremely pleased with the product.

More people Need to know about this Plunge!

I researched plunges for close to a year before I bought this one. The KKP team is doing things the right way. Customer Service has been awesome. And the plunge rivals those in my opinion of the $15k plunges. It has become my nightly routine. They also are the best looking plunges on the market and Built right.